Selected Recent Activities

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Examiner in PhD Defenses

So far I was member of the following PhD examination committees:
  • Md. Naim: Parallel Matching and Clustering Algorithms on GPUs (Univ. Bergen, Norwary, 2017)
  • Maxim Dolgov (KIT, 2017): Approximate Stochastic Optimal Control of Smooth Nonlinear Systems and Piecewise Linear Systems
  • Hendrikje Pauer (KIT, 2017)
  • Anton Kaplanyan (KIT, 2017)
  • Mirko Kunze (KIT, 2016)
  • Christian L. Staudt (KIT, as advisor and referee, 2016): Algorithms and Software for the Analysis of Large Complex Networks
  • Daniel Becker (KIT, 2016)
  • Matthias Freier (KIT, 2016)
  • Moritz Kobitzsch (KIT, 2015)
  • Thomas Bläsius (KIT, 2015)
  • Jens Horneber (KIT, 2015)
  • Patricia Iglesias Sanchez (KIT, 2015)
  • Hoang Vu Nguyen (KIT, 2015)
  • Miro Taphanel (KIT, 2015)
  • Michael Delles (KIT, 2014): Bestimmung zeitabhängiger Blutdruckfelder aus Strömungsdaten der Magnetresonanztomographie
  • Tanja Hartmann (KIT, 2014): Algorithms for Graph Connectivity and Cut Problems - Connectivity Augmentation, All-Pairs Minimum Cut, and Cut-Based Clustering
  • Dirk Göger (KIT, 2014): Ein kapazitives Sensorsystem für Robotergreifer
  • Vitaly Osipov (KIT, 2014): Algorithm Engineering for fundamental Sorting and Graph Problems
  • Janmartin Jahn (KIT, 2014): Resource Allocation for Software Pipelines in Many-core Systems
  • Yaokun Zhang (KIT, 2014): Optical Coherence Tomography guided Laser Cochleostomy
  • Thomas Pajor (KIT, 2013): Algorithm Engineering for Realistic Journey Planning in Transportation Networks
  • Sebastien Fourestier (Universite de Bordeaux I, France, 2013): Efficient parallel dynamic load balancing for very large numerical problems
  • Dennis Luxen (KIT, 2013): Building Blocks for Mapping Services
  • Simon A. Berger (KIT, 2013): Phylogeny-Aware Placement and Alignment Methods for Short Reads
  • Peter Krauthausen (KIT, 2012): Learning Dynamic Systems For Intention Recognition in Human-Robot-Cooperation
  • Sascha Meinert (KIT, 2011): Engineering Data Generators for Robust Experimental Evaluations